Why a Lloyd Prins Guitar
With so many guitar companies to choose from, we thought the following information would be helpful as you consider a Lloyd Prins for your next purchase:
Ask anyone outside the U.S. and they'll tell you the best guitars in the world are made in U.S.A. We think that's important and that's why all of the guitars offered by the Lloyd Prins Guitar Company are made right here in the U.S. Our bodies and necks come from trees grown in the northwest, our pickups come from U.S. manufacturers, our strings are made in the U.S. and our pots, switches and controls, all U.S. (we like keeping our manufacturing dollars here at home).
A lot of custom builders claim to build their own stuff, but in reality they purchase bodies and necks from generic suppliers. At the Lloyd Prins Guitar Company we purchase our own wood, write our own programs, and machine our own bodies and necks IN HOUSE on our HAAS Verticle Mill. This lets us price more comptetively and gives us the freedom to build that custom you've scribbled out on a napkin.

We do a lot of things really right, but our custom graphics . . . . . . ROCK! And we're not locked in to our own designs. If you've got an idea for a killer graphic, sketch it out and fax it to us. In most cases, we can do it for $300 or less.

We love graphics!

We don't make pickups, strings, and tuners. We leave that to the people who do, and do them best. GHS strings, Lindy Fralin pickups, EMG pickups, Original Floyds, Kluson and Sperzel tuners are a few of the premium parts that go into the building of your Lloyd Prins Guitar.

We've evaluated a lot of strings and string companies, and in each case, GHS comes out on top. GHS Boomers are our preferred strings and used exclusively on every guitar that we ship.

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